Our colors tend to be darker and more vivid. This allows us to have
deeper colors and our blacks are black and not grey.

The problem with colors is that there are no real set of rules.
Printers, monitors and even tvs all show colors differently. What you
see on your monitor is not necessarily what we see on ours. This
is not to say that blue will look red or something weird as
that. It just means that some colors will be few shades off.
99.9% of the times the product looks better in real life
then it does on the screen.

The best way for us to match your color(s) - we will need a sample that
we can see with our very own eyes. Yes, this unfortunately means
you have to mail us a sample. Another way is kind of a shot in the dark,
where you specify and/or email us a picture - we then create a color
swatch and mail it to you. This package also includes all our fabrics.
Unfortunately there is a $15 fee for this service, which does include shipping.

If you are interested in this service, please go ahead and mail us your
sample(s) - our mailing address is under "Contact us". If you wish to try
the shot in the dark, just click the button bellow "Mail Samples" and
fill out the form and payment.

Mail Sample