You have decided to get a custom garment - great. If you know what
your design is going to be - you are the lucky one. If you don't
make yourself comfortable and get ready to Google.

Typically your logo is the focus point of everything. It dictates what
colors we will be using and the background objects. They should all
be in harmony (some exceptions apply). If you don't have a logo,
get that done first. If you have a spectacular design, we can always
design a logo to match it.

First take a look at our "House Designs". We are able to adjust any
design in any way to suite your needs. Change colors, add/or
remove things and even combine multiple designs to make one.

If our designs don't work for you, I highly recommend these two sites.
You can purchase art at either one or you can email us a picture
to be used as an inspiration for your design. - very inexpensive, vectores only - pricey, but the selection is worth it

Fonts are a very important part of any art.
Please visit:
The site allows you to type in your wording and will show you the
result in the selected font. Huge selection (free), no need to go
anywhere else.

The better idea you give us, the faster and more accurate we will be.