Step #1 - Select a Garment(s) - "Products"
Keep in mind you have to place separate orders if you are using
different art (see FAQ's - Multiple Art). If you are using same art,
you can place an order for multiple garments.


Step #2 - Artwork


Option A

Select one of our designs (House Designs). We will adjust the colors and the design to you satisfaction. We will also create a logo if you need one and add any sponsor logos if any. The cost for this service is $40 which includes our $15 set-up fee.


Option B

for $80 we will design exactly what you want. What does it include? - everything, even the $15 set-up fee.


Option C

Download our template - free (see FAQ's - Download Template) Create your own design or use a third party to do it for you. All instructions are within the file. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. $15 set-up fee will apply.


Step #3 - Order


Considering all the options we are offering, we did our best to keep
the ordering system as simple as possible. Our system can handle
multiple artworks, ordering multiple garments for each art while
being able to personalize each garment not only graphically,
but with individual options as well.


Step #4 - Shipping & Billing


Once we have an exact idea what you need us to do,
we will calculate the shipping costs and email you a bill.
As soon as the bill is paid we are off to production.