Everything that we do is done in Corel Draw. This software is the
most suitable for our application. We do have other programs
such as Illustrator and Photoshop, but they are not part of
our production. We have them so we are able to convert files
to Corel format. In some instances the conversion is not perfect
(especially when using plug-ins) so if you are using software other
then Corel, please pay extra attention when checking our proofs.


When sending us art, no matter what software or source, please
send us the original. Do not try to improve it in any way. If we
have a problem with anything that you send us,
we will let you know.


Our final output that we send to production is a 200 dpi tiff in RGB.


If not sure, please email us what you have and let us take
a look at it. This is much easier then reading
30 pages of requirements.


If you are sending us a Corel file, please export it (with selected
only option checked) as a CMX file. We find that this filter
gets rid of a lot of junk that is invisible and fixes any
imperfections in layers.