Designing a garment requires more attention and some measuring.
Here are some pointers to help you out. Make sure you use RGB
colors. Using CMYK or any other palette will create strange results.


The number one mistake people make, is that they make everything
too big. It looks proportional on the artwork, but you have to take
into consideration the fact that this will become an object that
wraps around your body and some things will be hidden.
For example a logo on your arm - most people make it 8" wide,
if you measure your arm you will see that only about 4" are visible,
the rest you will not be able to see. Measure the area on your body
and apply that size to your art.


Due to sewing you loose 1/4" all around, at the bottom you
loose 3/4". So if there is something important, keep it
at least 1" from any edge.


Garments come in different sizes, so we do all our designs in size
1x. Going smaller or bigger the length and width do not change
proportionally. The best way to deal with this issue is to make the
art a little bigger on both sides and at the bottom as well (2").
Do not extend the top - this makes sure everything is positioned
the same, this applies to sleeves as well. Detailed instructions are
within all our template files. Feel free to contact us
if you have any questions.